About Nancy Wagaman, M.A.

Credentials, Background, and Intuitive Approach

Since 1987 Nancy has practiced dream interpretation and nurtured an active interest in dreamwork. Using applied psychology techniques and focused intuition, she provides specific dream interpretation guidance to help dreamers understand and apply their dream meaning within their lives. Through the dream interpretation process, Nancy can assist dreamers in unlocking the subconscious messages and dynamics that point to exactly what the dreamer needs in order to improve his or her life right now.

Nancy has an M.A. in Applied Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology and Biology, and she has spent years honing her intuition through the development and practice of intuitive techniques. (Read more about Nancy on her intuitive consulting site.

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How Nancy Uses Intuition

Intuition is a direct way of knowing and understanding. Nancy uses her intuition like a researcher uses a microscope or X-ray to see what is not otherwise readily visible. Nancy's finely-tuned intuition allows her to access non-physical factors—subtle energies such as limiting beliefs, emotions, and subconscious dynamics—that reside in and around every person and that form the building blocks of our dreams.

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Intuitive Consulting by Nancy Wagaman

Nancy also offers intuitive consulting for individuals and businesses. Discover information beyond your reach and achieve mastery of your inner and outer environment.

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