Increasing Dream Recall

How to Remember Dreams and Recall Greater Detail

Often when we awake, we vaguely remember having dreamed during the night but we cannot recall much detail. Try using the following tips to increase your dream recall:

  • Set a bedtime intention: After you get into bed, just before you go to sleep, set an intention to remember your dreams. For example, you could say inwardly, "I intend to remember all dreams that would be helpful to remember."

  • Wake up quietly: If possible, wake up in the morning with a minimum of external disturbances that will bring you out of your sleep state too quickly. The more quietly and naturally you wake up, the better your dream recall will be.

  • Replay the dream: As soon as you wake up, before opening your eyes, review the entire dream in your mind . This will help you remember more of the dream and recall greater detail after you become fully awake.

  • Write it down: Right after you wake up, write a description of your dream or dictate it into a tape recorder. If you're short on time, just write down some key elements that will help you remember it later (e.g., man in an elevator, red car on Main Street). Remember to also describe any emotions you felt during the dream and upon awakening.

  • Be consistent: The more energy you put toward remembering you dreams, the more likely you'll recall them when you are awake. Consistently setting your bedtime intention and paying attention to the dreams you do remember over a period of days and weeks should increase your dream recall abilities.