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Example Dream Interpretation by Nancy Wagaman, M.A.

I dreamed that my mother (who is young) grew old and died.

Although your mother will eventually get old like we all do, this dream is not any kind of prediction regarding her well-being. Your subconscious mind is using the dream state to process, or "mull over," a realization about your life in relation to your mother. Her death in the dream represents a symbolic ending in your relationship with her - like the end of one chapter before a new one begins. Consider what change may be occurring for your right now (or occurred recently) in your real life relationship with your mother, where one phase is ending and another one beginning. Most likely, there has been a change that has separated you from your mother (or threatens to separate the two of you) to some extent, or that has changed the way you relate to each other somehow. This change could be a physical separation, such as you moving to a location further away, or it could be your mother having more other demands to deal with lately, or it could be a change in the nature or amount of quality time you spend together, or some other change that caused your relationship to shift.

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