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Example Dream Interpretation by Nancy Wagaman, M.A.

All of a sudden my husband (who died last September) was trying to inject me with something that would kill me. I struggled with him, but he finally gave me this shot that made my tongue and throat swell up. He kept telling me he had to do this. I was dying, and I finally got away and found someone in a truck to take me to the hospital. They were able to give me something to save me. After they saved me, I was still with my husband a little afraid, but still we were happy together.

First, let me say that I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's passing. I hope that this explanation of your dream will put your mind at ease.

As is usually the case with dreams, the deeper meaning of this dream is much different than the surface events of the dream, and it has nothing to do whatsoever with your husband intending to harm you.

This dream seems to be an emotional flashback to the time of your husband's illness and passing on. The dream presents an emotional portrait of what happened, according to your subconscious. More specifically, according to the dream you subconsciously felt that your husband's illness and passing was killing a part of you as well, which was represented by the injection he gave you in the dream. This is probably showing up in your dream state because his illness did likely cause you a great amount of suffering that felt like a form of death within you.

The swelling of the throat and mouth symbolize feelings or thoughts that went unexpressed during your husband's process, a part of you that needed to be heard but got held in because of what was going on around you at the time.

Being saved by the truck and the hospital staff represents your emotional recovery process that has been taking place since your husband's passing, and represents a feeling now that you are going to survive what happened from an emotional standpoint.

The fact that you were still with your husband afterwards and you were happy together represents your subconscious acknowledging that although he is not here physically, the essence of who he is is still here with you in some way.

The prominent message in this dream is that you have profound grief and feelings surrounding the situation of your husband's death that have not been resolved and that need some attention. Your subconscious conjured up this dream as a way of bring those buried feelings to the surface, if only for the short time during the dream. The dream is a pointer to a deep process of healing that you are now ready for.

The theme of having something terrible forced on you (represented by the shot) illustrates your subconscious mind's perspective of your husband's death as something that life "thrusted upon you" suddenly and without warning or remorse. The fact that help did come to you in the dream (represented by the truck driver and people at the hospital) completes the your subconscious mind's view of the story, showing that it is possible to heal grief by allowing yourself to feel it and express it (represented in the dream by your throat opening back up).

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