Clarification Dream Type

A clarification dream provides insight into your experience of a current or past situation in your life. It presents an aspect of your life, usually a recent situation, often in an exaggerated manner. Key elements often have a different appearance than they do in real life. For example, a person might appear as another person you know who has similar characteristics. A clarification dream often conveys what you subconsciously feel or think about a particular aspect of your life, or how strongly you feel about it, even when you might not be aware of those thoughts and feelings in a waking state.

Example A

You dream that you are home alone, sleeping in your bed, when you hear someone trying to force open the back door. You hear footsteps coming down the hall towards your room and then a man dressed in black enters your room and comes toward you. You know he means to harm you, and you feel terrified and helpless.

This dream conveys your sense of vulnerability and fear of others invading your space, either literally (physically) or figuratively (emotionally/mentally). The house represents you, in the whole sense: your physical body, mind, emotions, personality, identity, etc. The intrusion into the house represents that you perceive someone as trying to take advantage of you in some way - to harm you, manipulate you for their benefit, or take something from you. This dream is most likely pointing to a situation where your personal boundaries are being violated by others, or have been in the past.

Example B

You have been happily married for 15 years. You dream that you are with your old high school sweetheart at a dance and someone else comes up and asks your sweetheart to dance. Your sweetheart tells the person, "Thanks for asking, but I only want to dance with my sweetheart."

Your high school sweetheart represents your current spouse, and the person asking them to dance mostly likely represents a recent social situation in which your spouse demonstrated loyalty and you felt secure in your relationship. This dream represents how happy you are with your spouse and their loyalty to you, and conveys a feeling of trust and security in the relationship.

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