Message Dream Type

A message dream contains information from a source outside of yourself, usually with an indication that you or someone else needs to know something or that some action may be needed. It can be similar to other types of dreams, except the content is influenced by a source external to your own consciousness. The purpose of the message could be to clarify a situation in your life, reassure you that you are on the right track or tell you that you are off-track in an area of your life, answer a question you have had in your mind, solve a problem you have been pondering, or provide a creative idea to apply in a project you're working on.

The only ways to discern that a dream message is from a source outside yourself are:

If you receive any specific information, it's a good idea to confirm it with a verifiable source (for example, if you receive an indication that your sister is ill, check with her directly).

Example A

You are considering taking a new job with either the Shamrock Construction Company or another company. You dream that you are at work, and you look out the window and see a large patch of clover. In the midst of the patch is a giant golden clover that conveys a sense of well being, joy, and security. You sense that the vision in the dream came from a source outside yourself, carrying a message.

The message in this dream is a positive pointer towards the job at Shamrock Construction Company, and indicates that the job is worth at least seriously considering. According to your intuition, this is a message from an outside source, perhaps spiritual guidance. Of course, you should also base your decision on real-life, verifiable facts while keeping this dream message in mind.

Example B

You are a musician writing a new piece of music, and you have become stuck on one part of it. In your dream, you are playing a piano and you hear yourself playing a music phrase that fits perfectly into the gap in the piece you are writing. You have the sense that the inspiration came from somewhere other than yourself.

This dream provides inspiration from an external source, according to your intuition. The musical information specifically applies to your current composing challenge and apparently is intended as a possible solution.

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