Rehearsal Dream Type

A rehearsal dream involves a run-through of an actual planned event you're expecting in the near future. This type of dream allows the subconscious to prepare in advance for an important or potentially traumatic event. Depending on your emotions about the event, your subconscious may choose to run through either the best-case scenario and the pleasure you expect the event to bring, or the worst-case scenario and the potential disasters that you're afraid could happen. In the worst-case scenario, because the dream tells you what your fears are, you have a chance to work through them before the event if you choose to do so.

Example A

In real life, you are scheduled to give a speech next week. You dream that as you arrive at the podium to give a speech, you trip over the microphone cord, and when you start to speak, nothing comes out.

In this dream, your subconscious is presenting its worst fears about giving the speech, conveying how you would feel if those fears actually came true. (You now have the opportunity to address your fears if you choose to.)

Example B

Your spouse is away on a business trip in Europe and is expected to return tomorrow. You dream that your spouse comes into the house, gives you a big hug and kiss, presents you with a wonderful ring they bought for you in Spain, and you have a lovely evening.

In this dream, your subconscious is anticipating the potentially pleasant aspects of your spouse's return. Your feelings during the dream may also reveal some important information about your subconscious perception of your relationship.

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