Premonition Dream Type

A premonition dream predicts or gives some indication of actual future events. The only ways to discern a premonition dream from any other kind of dream are:

If you receive any specific information, it's a good idea to confirm it with a verifiable source (for example, if you receive an indication that your sister is ill, check with her directly).

Example A

In real life, it is winter and your brother is planning a business trip to Minneapolis in 2 days. You dream that your brother's plane crash lands due to ice on the runway, and your brother survives but sustains some injuries.

This dream could be a premonition that your brother's plane will have problems. However, use caution because this dream could merely be a clarification dream highlighting your personal fears about your brother's trip. To verify whether this is an actual prediction, use your intuition or contact an intuitive expert. You might also choose to tell your brother about the dream and let him decide what to do with the information.

Example B

You dream that you are driving down a street with houses, and suddenly a house draws your attention. The house is yellow, red, and green and its large house number is 734. Upon awakening you realize that yellow, red, and green are the colors of your state lottery tickets.

This dream could be a prediction that 7-3-4 are winning numbers for your lottery. However, it does not indicate which day. To verify whether this is an actual prediction, use your intuition, contact an intuitive expert, or watch the lottery results for after-the-fact verification.

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